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Flow Mech Products stock a comprehensive range of ancillary products which support our building services range of pressurisation units & pumps backed with our quality technical advice and selection.

Flow Mech Environmental offer waste water pumping solutions & submersible pump supply.

Water Storage Tanks graphic

Water Storage Tanks

A wide range of standard & bespoke water storage tanks available in 1-piece, 2-piece and sectional panels.  Our GRP tanks are insulated, fully WRAS approved for potable drinking water and comply with the Water Regulations and British Standards.

Expansion Vessels graphic

Expansion Vessels

We supply a range of expansion vessels suitable for potable water, heating/chilled systems and solar systems.

Air & Dirt Separator graphic

Air & Dirt Separator

Designed to release gases from system water upon heating or pressure drop. Dirt elimination achieved by low velocity through the chamber. Available from 2” – 18”. Max working pressure 10 bar

Chemical Dosing Pots graphic

Chemical Dosing Pots

Our stainless steel dosing pots are designed to provide a simple and economical solution for the introduction of chemicals to both heating and chilled water systems. Standard stock sizes 5, 10 & 15 litre volume.

Braided & flanged flexibles graphic

Braided & flanged flexibles

Standard stock range of flanged flexible connections in both BS 4505 PN6 & PN16 either tied or untied. Stock range from 1 ¼” – 6 “. Larger sizes available. Standard stock range of stainless steel overbraid & synthetic elastomer tubes. Standard sizes ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1¼”, 1½” & 2”.

RPZ Valves graphic

RPZ Valves

A range of WRAS approved reduced pressure zone valves for back flow prevention up to fluid category 4.

Anti-Surge Air Release Valve graphic

Anti-Surge Air Release Valve

We offer a combined air valve and surge arrestor (CAVSA) to prevent hydraulic surging when the pipework has drained.

Float Switches graphic

Float Switches

A range of float switches suitable for fluid level sensing and control.

Waste Water Solutions graphic

Waste Water Solutions

Flow Mech Environmental offer supply, installation, maintenance & repair of waste water systems, package pump stations, effluent treatment plants & rain water harvesting systems.

Partners with: Sharc Energy Systems
Partners with: Jeremias Chimney Systems