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The single-phase Teknospeed variable speed electric pumps are designed for residential and light commercial applications as they provide all the comfort and advantages of constant pressure. The Teknospeed series comprises a frequency converter integrated into the pump which adjusts motor speed so as to constantly provide users with the same pressure, even when demand for water changesThe range features a large number of models and pump types:

  • Horizontal and vertical pumps: TKS/HMZ, TKS/CEA-CA and TKS/SV.
Specifications Delivery: up to 16 m³/h Head: up to 75 m Power supply: single-phase 50 and 60 Hz Power: from 0.30 kW up to 1.10 kW Maximum operating pressure: 25 bar Temperature of pumped liquid: from 5 °C to 40 °C [fc id='1' align='center'][/fc]

Partners with: Sharc Energy Systems