With over 30 years of experience of pumps and applications, we can offer service, repair or replacement of all pumps, bearings & motors.  We have access to large stocks of pumps, spares and mechanical seals and offer the option to remove from site, refurbish, wet-test and reinstall pumps and associated fittings.
We specialise in servicing Booster Sets, Pressurisation Units and RPZ valves.  Emergency services are available and all repaired pumps are wet-tested and come with a 3-month warranty.  We are accredited RPZ testers & WRAS listed.

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REPAIR OR REPLACE?  A Guide to Help You Decide


  • Usually cheaper than replacement, but for very small pumps a new pump could be more cost effective
  • Would avoid the risk of modifications to pipe-work leading to extra costs and downtime
  • No electrical contactor or overload changes needed on repaired pumps
  • If we repair your existing pump you can be certain your system flow rate and pressure will remain unchanged.  Whereas a replacement may not always provide an exact duty match, and increased flow or pressure could create system problems.


  • The best option on pumps with badly corroded components
  • May be a requirement if the full plant room is being refurbished
  • Old fixed speed units can be replaced with variable speed units if required
  • Sometimes necessary if a higher flow rate or pressure is required
  • Very small pumps are cheaper to replace than repair

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See below ‘Before & After’ examples of our previous pump repair projects


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